Deep Dream: a powernap about Google’s new algorithm

Lets dream about an idea in our next reading-powernap. The last week I often found myself looking at weird pictures on Twitter with the hashtag #DeepDream, like this one:

Source: Google Research Blog about Deep Dream, Sample Image #01

At first glance the image just looked like a crappy compressed otherwise nice picture. But the second time I recognized the Chinese temple in the mountain which wasn’t there in the first place. This picture is taken from a post on the Google Research Blog about an algorithm called Deep Dream. So what is this Deep Dream thing and what does it do? The blog goes in great detail on that with another post “Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks”. Essentially it is all about the Artificial neural Networks (a.k.a. Deep Learning / Machine Learning). So how does all this work? Continue reading

Take good fucking advice, now!

It’s always hard and easy at the same time to take some advice. I recently came by and was able to read through the article of the New Yorker about Sir Jonathan Ive about all the things surrounding his job, experience and everything before Apple and while he was working with Steve Jobs. Any designer of any background should really read this, because it isn’t just about the most recent events: the Apple Watch debut or the upcoming biography “Becoming Steve Jobs” (which is backed by Ive, Cook and others to be closer to the real Steve Jobs and how he was). It is about the small things, the little details and the way they work inside the mystical concept of creativity called Apple. The Interview took part in several meetings throughout the last months and the journalist kind of becomes a silent narrator and shadow of Ive in that time.

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Hour of Code: Processing

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials are available in over 30 languages. No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104.

I first learned about the Hour of Code last year and had a look at various different languages.
As the quote above describes very well, the Hour of Code is aiming to help students learn programming through some really easy tutorials and step by step explanations. In a time where laptops, smartphones, tablets or other (embedded) systems surround our daily life it does come in handy to know at least the basics of programming and its philosophy.

Although each programming language comes with its own syntax (way to write code) and own philosophy (which is mostly derived from the field of application) they are all similar in some degree. They might differ in the way it is written but not so much in the way a program ‘thinks’, its logic behind completing tasks. Because that’s what it is, this program thing. A list of commands which are executed in order to do something. Even Obama wrote a program in the Hour of Code, and so can everybody.

My favorite programming language, Processing, has its own tutorial which got updated for the Hour of Code. Check it out over here:

Daniel Shiffman did an awesome job in not only explaining basic programming principles but also introducing you to Processing. Processing was designed initially to teach people how to code and make them able to see what they created. If you got interested in Processing after that video-tutorial, check out Daniels books and further videos on Vimeo. I’ll talk about Processing itself at a later point I guess 😉

Processing P5 HYPE with a GenApple

Earlier this year I finally went through the first Skillshare class by Joshua Davis who introduced me to the HYPE framework with Processing. Really really fun to hack around with the tricks and knowledge he shared. Everybody who loves to Design and Code should really really check that out!

Wow. A lot of links for a short paragraph. After you’ve checked all of the above, look below to see what I came up with while slicing up the Apple Logo, placing it in grids and giving it a 3D-ish feel. The sides of the cube are from Processing+HYPE, the rest was just a bit of Photoshop and Illustrator.


Hello World – my online history & future!

Hey there, hello world!

A lot of stuff has been going on here and some recent plugin/theme B$ forced me to get rid of some stuff. I chose that opportunity to evaluate what I want to do with my domain (I already had ideas in mind but never started doing things because you know, might come up later).

So here it is, my new blog with text, moving and still images and some lines of code. Trying to establish a habit of creating new content on a scheduled basis will be interesting. I also decided to move from blogging in german to english because it’ll allow more people to get behind the point I’ll try to bring across. And about trying to bring it across: I’m just writing as I’m thinking about it. Might not be always correct or easy to comprehend but that’s just how my brain is working 🙂

After the break you’ll be able to read a bit more about my blogging history, why I didn’t want to transfer over all those old posts and so on.

TL;DR: I’m back, this time in english.

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