Deep Dream: a powernap about Google’s new algorithm

Lets dream about an idea in our next reading-powernap. The last week I often found myself looking at weird pictures on Twitter with the hashtag #DeepDream, like this one: At first glance the image just looked like a crappy compressed otherwise nice picture. But the second time I recognized the Chinese temple in the mountain which […]

Processing Spotlight: Generative Music

Gal Sasson designed an environment where you generate shapes that a) look wicked and b) represent some form of tune. Drop those shapes in special areas that emphasize those tunes differently and voila, generative music created in Processing 😀 Who’s confused? Who wants to know more about it? Read is post about it 🙂 Otherwise […]

Take good fucking advice, now!

It’s always hard and easy at the same time to take some advice. I recently came by and was able to read through the article of the New Yorker about Sir Jonathan Ive about all the things surrounding his job, experience and everything before Apple and while he was working with Steve Jobs. Any designer of any background […]

Hour of Code: Processing

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials are available in over 30 languages. No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104. I first learned about the Hour of Code last year and had a look […]

Processing P5 HYPE with a GenApple

Earlier this year I finally went through the first Skillshare class by Joshua Davis who introduced me to the HYPE framework with Processing. Really really fun to hack around with the tricks and knowledge he shared. Everybody who loves to Design and Code should really really check that out! Wow. A lot of links for a short […]

Hello World – my online history & future!

Hey there, hello world! A lot of stuff has been going on here and some recent plugin/theme B$ forced me to get rid of some stuff. I chose that opportunity to evaluate what I want to do with my domain (I already had ideas in mind but never started doing things because you know, might […]