Hello World – my online history & future!

Hey there, hello world!

A lot of stuff has been going on here and some recent plugin/theme B$ forced me to get rid of some stuff. I chose that opportunity to evaluate what I want to do with my domain (I already had ideas in mind but never started doing things because you know, might come up later).

So here it is, my new blog with text, moving and still images and some lines of code. Trying to establish a habit of creating new content on a scheduled basis will be interesting. I also decided to move from blogging in german to english because it’ll allow more people to get behind the point I’ll try to bring across. And about trying to bring it across: I’m just writing as I’m thinking about it. Might not be always correct or easy to comprehend but that’s just how my brain is working 🙂

After the break you’ll be able to read a bit more about my blogging history, why I didn’t want to transfer over all those old posts and so on.

TL;DR: I’m back, this time in english.

I started blogging back with blogger in february 2007 because I thought I’d have plenty of time and wanted to try this blogging stuff – don’t talk about the fact that I’d have to learn for my final exams to graduate in april – and I posted a lot of stuff back then. Sooner or later – in fact after about 30 posts and 4 weeks later – I was fed up with blogger and its incapability to customize the blog to my needs.

I used to always customize my computers I build and installed myself since i was about 13 and then upload – what back then I thought were – shiny screenshots to customize.org, a dedicated community which in fact still exists today (I was surprised about that and just found that out.. :P). There’s actually quite some impressing stuff out there today.

Anyways, wordpress.com blogs suited me more because they had some really shiny and fresh templates with lots of options to customize your stuff. I moved all my stuff over to wordpress and kept posting on there. My final exams passed and so did time. I started several trainee jobs to try to settle for something I want to do in the future and decided to study applied media economics – majoring in digital design (from now on just called digital design) .

I enjoyed taking pictures since 1998 when I first got a camera to bring with me on a schools trip in the 4th grade. Being in a place and trying to capture the beauty of its own – it being anything from people, architecture or nature – to show it to other people. That’s where the blog ties back in. When I started to study digital design I began to post pictures on my blog, mostly from my smartphone because I wanted it to be as efficient (read: time saving) as possible. But it actually saved more time not to hassle with the back in the days really bad WordPress app and that other blog technology came up which had pretty good posting abilities: Tumblr. In the end it got reduced to just post pictures I made in Hipstamatic which were shared across Facebook etc. When the Tumblr app then broke and didn’t want to post any of my pictures through my phone that came to an halt aswell.

All my other creative stuff that I happened to do were posted on deviantArt because there was a lot more interaction going on with other artists. But that’s not what the blog is for. Today artists all need some kind of portfolio or art-backlog for stuff they did or are interested in. I’ll write about that on a different day.

Joining everything into one place won’t work because each of them have different pros/cons that I appreciate about them. Keeping old posts, totally disorganized and partially ripped out of context doesnt really make sense either. So here it is, the reboot, trying to make things better 😛

TL;DR2: I’m back, in english, improved and ready for some action

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